During more than 25 years of living and working in the splendid Langa hills we got an exeptional inside view on how things work in Italy and especially in Southern Piedmont.

By rebuilding some houses ourselfs and assisting other foreign property owners in doing so, we have collected a precious experience which we would like to put at disposal of those who have decided to buy a property in this area, but can not follow and care it always on there own.

Through an exeptional network of certified artisans (in the fields of electric and hydraulic installation, wood works and house building, decorations, floor works, painting, gardening, ...), as well as professionists (engineers, architects, geometers, planers, and many more), we are able to deliver a lot of property services which can help you keep your possession in Southern Piedmont protected and in good shape as well as comply with the local administrative requirements, that often change in time...

We coordinate these services under the trade name EMTRUST because you can rely on our experience and trustworthyness on site which is prooved by a lots of satisfied costumers.

Our multilinguistic office in Alba (CN) is at your disposal to meet every need related to your property.

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